Current Minutes



Cascade County Mental Health Local Advisory Council (CCMHLAC)


Monday, November 2, 2015

Largent Center McFadden Room

915 1st Ave. South

3-5 pm

Members Present  Vonnie Brown, Shelly Heilweil, Angela Meyer, Jane Weber, Brian Thompson, Shawn Matsko, James Gustofson, Ron Scott, Ginny Carnes, Debra Glenn, Amia Watson, Linda Daggett, Bill Garberg, Jane Wilson


Meeting was called to order at 3:14 PM by Shelly Heilweil, Co-Chair.  Welcome and Introductions were made.


Minutes of the last meeting  October 4th Minutes were reviewed and approved.


Treasurer’s Report  Linda reported that the balance in the checking account stands at $2,369.18.  There are no changes from last meeting.


Continuing Business:

Printed Materials Committee:  Shelly, Scott, and Vonnie met to develop a draft of a business card.  The mock-up was shown to the group and they agreed that it was OK to have Vonnie and Shelly’s name and contact information on it.  The group agreed that it would be OK to order them.


Website Committee update:  Vernon & James have not met yet, but are setting a meeting date to work on the updates, changes to the website.


PSA Committee follow-up:  (Greg, Vernon, Tom)  None on the Committee were in attendance.  James reported that he has asked the Central Service Area Authority (CSAA) to check it out and possibly post it.  Brian suggested that we put it on You-Tube and James volunteered to try to do that with Brian’s help.


Email list expansion:  Linda gave an update of the emails that are coming back as undeliverable and the members noted several new suggestions.



New Business:


Medicaid Expansion:  Jane announced that the Montana Help Plan it is officially OK’d  by the Fed for Montana and will be available through the MT Health Care. Gov Marketplace site.  It is forecast that our uninsured population should decrease by 50%.  There are 3 ways to sign up: by website, phone (800-318-2596) or visit Guidance Experts at the Community Health Center or Planned Parenthood.  Coverage begins January 1st 2016.


Report on the Oct. CSAA Summit in Helena:  James reported that they are still working on setting priorities, that, for the most part, our priorities are in line with theirs.  Statewide concerns do vary by locality, some emphasizing the basic needs such as affordable housing, safety.   They are working on the Executive Planning Process- that is preparing for proposals requested for the governor’s budget.  Jane Wilson reported that she has received information about the new Forensic Mental Health Treatment Center at Galen and made a summary of the Forensic Unit Proposal available at the meeting.  The Montana State Hospital has been running over capacity and Jane also distributed a copy of the census data at MSH that was presented at MHOC (Advisory Council for the Hospital).  She also distributed a copy of the County Matching Grant Status update- grant timeline for grants available through AMDD.  Jennifer reported that the Center for Mental Health is working with other community stakeholders, including LAC to look at applying for appropriate grants.   Ashe Jennifer, others)


Report on the Great Falls Community Action Team meeting w/Tribune reporter:  Shelly voiced concern about the lack of coordination between the City & the County & the various City/County boards as it affects mental health in Cascade County.  Issues concerning mental health services, policies in regards to first responders, systems decision making, grant applications & access to funding streams, etc are not addressed at all, or are not addressed in a coherent and coordinated manner.  Jane Weber clarified the role of the Board of Health- their mission is to deal with contagious diseases, public health concerns and not with mental health.  The Community Health Center does have some federal funding that funds behavioral health and Leslie Killan is the contact person for that.


Report on conversation w/ Mayoral Candidate Bob Kelly:  Shelly and Vonnie went to an open house and met Bob Kelly, the mayoral candidate.  He is very open to working with us.


Craft an Action Plan for our 2016 priorities & goals from the October meeting:

Mental Health Court–  Vonnie suggested we get more information about it this coming year.  Shelly did watch the webinar on Mental Health Court.  Jane will re-send the webinar link and it was encouraged that we take the time to view it and come with ideas in January.  Bill reported that the Veteran’s Court is up and running, funding was received from the State and VA.  It was suggested that we have a Youth Court speaker at our meeting in January.

CIT for 1st Responders- Jane Weber talked to Sheriff Bob Edwards is very much on board with Crisis Intervention Training for first responders, but does not have the funding.  Amia reported that on base the Military Police are trained 3 times a year that includes mental health.  Their military standards are higher than the community standards in general.  Ron reported that first responders do get some training, but could use more in-depth training.  Jane Wilson suggested that the Youth Diversion Grant money might be used for CIT training, maybe combined with a State grant or mini-grant.

MH Crisis Response Network–  Shelly suggested that dispatchers are key to this and Ron reported that he agreed that it would be beneficial for dispatchers to have training. He is working on mental health protocols for first responders (dispatch instructions) and will bring them to the LAC for their input.

Community Education–  Will continue with the PSA, email list, community events such as the Health Fair.  Jennifer is working on a list of community events and will get with Vonnie to pick a few key ones for the LAC to be involved in.


Brief Community Reports/Announcements:


AWARE– Brian reported he will be going to the MT Youth in Transition Conference this week.  They are preparing for Toys for Tots coming up and termed it “wonderful chaos”.

CMH- Jen reported that Coleen Stivers will present a training next Weds the 11th at noon on Cognitive Behavior Therapy focusing on trauma.  Center West is approved for 6 adult beds.  The Center is interviewing for new Youth Crisis Diversion positions.  They are adding an in-house pharmacy to the Center.

Suicide Prevention Training- Linda reported she attended the training last summer and received new protocols for suicidality assessment and a safety plan app.

Opening Doors-  James reported that he works with people transitioning from prison to the community, helping them stay in a healthy environment in all facets of the re-entry.

PEER Training-  Ginny reported that there are 8 graduating from the PEER Training.

Conference for Youth with Disabilities-  Jane is working on this state-wide conference and will feature Jason DeShaw.


December meeting agenda:

After some discussion, the group decided to have an open house, have pizza and a party for the December meeting.  Date of Next Meeting is December 7th.


Adjourn:  Meeting was adjourned at 4:37 PM. 

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