Current Agenda

Cascade County Mental Health Local Advisory Council (CCMHLAC)

Monday, October 5 th 2015 3-5 PM

Largent Center McFadden Room

915 1 st Ave. South Great Falls

Welcome and Introductions

Review and Approval of Minutes of Last Meeting

Treasurer’s Report

City Commissioner Candidates: Time will be made for any city commissioner candidate to
briefly speak if they are in attendance.

Continuing Business :

 Report from Printed Materials Committee (Shelly)

 Mental Health First Aid (Jane) and report on Stand Down.

 Website update – any increased activity since PSA? (Vernon),

 Followup on PSA (Greg Tilton and Vonnie?) What is next?

 Let Linda know if we need to add anyone to our email list to continue to expand our
networking and information sharing in the community

New Business:

 Review & discussion of our 4-point letter to the Candidates

 Shelly report on (2nd) Crisis Intervention training in Helena, 9/30- 10/2.

Be thinking of identifying/setting of goals for 2016, prepare for discussion in

Brief Community Reports/Announcements:


Date of next meeting: Monday, November 2nd
PSA Website link:
Link for CCMHLAC web page:
Link for CCMHLAC on Facebook:

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