2015 LAC Summary

Growing the LAC & Becoming more a part of Great Falls April 2015 (amended)

Summary of 2015 actions & outreach to date, and some proposed actions, meetings, & outreach

Becoming more Inclusive: increasing LAC membership/attendance, & keeping GF Community informed.
 • Reaching out to Consumers, Community members, & Stakeholders:

    o Current efforts: our 2 new handouts, Resource Guide (2nd ed), website, facebook page, Survey, emails
    o Proposed efforts: website Message Board, survey, participation in upcoming community events
 • Growing our mailing list: Suggestions needed.
 • Possible groups to focus our outreach:

   o Consumers
   o First Responders & Dept of Corrections
   o the elderly population
   o the Schools

Becoming better Integrated: into existing Great Falls systems, organizations, & agencies.
 • Vonnie & Shelly have conducted meetings with: City Council, Benefis, Family Violence Council,

Center for Mental Health
 • Proposed meetings with: City-County Health, Neighborhood Councils, Voices of Hope,
    Public defenders, Other?

Becoming more a part of Montana-wide systems: Volunteers needed.
 • MACO tour of Helena crisis services facility

Solidifying our own functioning & processes: Volunteers needed.
 • Review of our Bylaws
 • Review & renewal of Officers
 • Data Collection efforts

Creating & refining our own tools & resources:
 • Current electronic means: Website & Facebook page
 • Proposed electronic means: Website message board? City cable message board, DOC mailing list, Tribune/radio? Other?
 • Current printed means: Our two handouts & the Resource Guide, 2nd ed.
 • Proposed printed means: Flyers? Posters? Generic Business cards?
 • CSAA grant application (in process)
 • Other Grant applications: Volunteers needed.

Recent participation in Community events:
 • Mental Health First Aid training
 • Cascade County Health Fair
 • Report on Medicaid Expansion in the 2015 legislature. Letters to the Editor?
 • Upcoming events?? Share information, put up on calendars (printed & electronic), Volunteers.

Proposed LAC Projects:
 • More Mental Health First Aid trainings- one for first responders.
 • Crisis services/ Crisis Hot Line
 • Increased awareness & help for MH needs of the elderly
 • Create a Fundraiser—smaller or larger, to benefit local MH organization or effort.

Starting an annual Fundraiser will:
 (1) Build Community,
 (2) Raise Awareness of Mental Health issues, &
 (3) Raise money for local services

Possible recipients:
 • Crisis Hot Line
 • Volunteers for the Elderly
 • Mental Health Court

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