Helpful Videos

Here is a video by the National Alliance on Mental Illness. It describes briefly, what they are all about.


NAMI’s In Our Own Voice family companion video.


NAMI Family to Family tribute video.


Consumer video from Miss Baltimore.  (NAMI)


NAMI Trailer.  (PSA)

NAMI Hope Starts With You PSA


What is Mental Illness?

This is a quick video describing the basics of mental illness, causes, and recovery. The definition of mental illness comes from a presentation by Dr. Thomas Insel, the Director of the National Institute of Mental Health. You can find more about the description of mental illness as a disruptions in neural circuits in this blog post by Dr. Insel.


Dr. Thomas Insel’s description of the research challenges and sources of hope for overcoming serious mental illnesses.


A video detailing Protection and Advocacy (P&A’s) agencies.


Suicide Prevention and Research.  (National Institute of Mental Health (NIMH).)


Overview of Mental Health America, (MHA)


Mental Health America’s Memorial Day Address


Overview of Mental Illness.


Overview of community based treatment of Mental Illness.

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